Module Basic

Features Modul Basic
Multiple supplier support x
Multilingual x
New tool management x
Tool illustrations x
12 additional details per article x
Merchandise category hierarchy x
Job Accounting x
Help function x
Standardized evaluations x
Control of all Toolbase Professional devices x
Management of external storage bins x
Automatic disposition x
Order overview / history and number x
Connection to merchandise management systems x

Further Modules

Features Module Management Moduel Workshop ATMS NG-NET Module Complete
BOM Management x - - x
Accessories link x - - x
Reservations for orders x - - x
Networking of Toolbase systems x - - x
Inventory queries via web service x - - x
Individual quantity limitation x - - x
Evaluations freely definable x - - x
Graphic evaluations x - - x
Removal via shopping cart x - - x
Connection Toolbase "OLD" x - - x
Re-grinding management - x - x
Return blunt articles + grinding service receipt - x - x
Used management - x - x
Rental tool management incl. inspection interval - x - x
Machine management - x - x
Serial number management - x - x
Favorites list related to the user - x - x
Master data management via external PC - - x x

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Follow-up articles

Control the targeted consumption of defined discontinued articles without supply interruption.

Connection of storage systems

Bind (existing) lift systems into your Toolbase® system.

User inventory management

Keep track of items at any time that belong back in the system after use.

ERP system / ERP connection

Fully automatic data exchange between Toolbase® and your IT system landscape. Import article data, export booking data. Benefit you by networking the systems.

Tool Management Administration

Networking the systems guarantees current stock information in all departments and reduces the effort of multiple database administration.

Barcode Warehouse Management

With the help of the Toolbase® scanner, the complex functionalities of ATMS NG can also be used for an "open" warehouse.

Key Management

Also manage items outside of a physical dispensing system in your Toolbase® software.