Why a tool dispensing system in the metalworking industry brings you great advantages!

Toolbase® eliminates inventory inaccuracies and guar-antees the exact tracking of consumption data. This makes machine downtime due to missing tools or spare parts a thing of the past. In addition, Toolbase® takes over the data maintenance, replacement and issuance of the articles for you.



• Permanent availability of tools and other resources

• Modular design, can be expanded and combined

• Intelligent software integration

• Controlled withdrawal raises cost-conscious use

• Automatic cost allocation on withdrawal leads to cost transparency

• Meaningful evaluations present the most important key indicators for decision making

• 24/7 availability guarantees supply security

• Connection to other warehouse or merchandise management systems enables efficient logistics processes

• Modular design allows for gradual extensions

• Various, combinable output systems allow the storage of a wide array of different products.


Full control in a single system

Time is an important resource, because personnel causes high costs. Especially if that staff is dealing with unnecessary tasks! Toolbase® therefore avoids waste and reduces search times enormously. Furthermore, routine operations are automated and “point of use“ deployment is realized – at the lowest travel times and greatest transparency of all processes.• Consistent system landscape• Manufacturer-independent• Computer-controlled access protection• Cost savings up to 40%Cost reduction in quality assurance• Raises employee awareness• More targeted tool removal• Lower tool consumption• Automated procurement• Controlled material flow• Reduction of inventory and capital expenditure• Collective, instead of expensive individual orders

Reduce your tool consumption

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