The Toolbase Software - ATMS NG will be replaced by ATMS CORE!


As the market leader, Achterberg GmbH has over 4.000 Toolbase® systems in use in Europe. In April 2020 we completely renewed our tool management software.

Application-specific hardware systems are constantly being adapted and expanded to meet new customer requirements in order to guarantee the controlled and traceable output of cutting tools, personal protective equipment, C-parts and spare parts.

In order to actively follow trends in the area of ​​server and cloud computing, trend-setting adjustments were also made in the software area at Toolbase® with the change to ATMS CORE. Server and cloud solutions are replacing established, but outdated, isolated solutions.

The ATMS NG software, which has been successfully launched on the market since 2008, was replaced by the new ATMS CORE version in April 2020. The ATMS NG was previously designed as a single-user version, but the new ATMS CORE consistently relies on networking the systems. Along with this, there are also numerous functional expansions on board that will increase the benefits of Toolbase® output systems for all users in the future.

If we critically analyze our environment and listen to our customers, we have long heard that we need to move faster and move further in the direction of networked systems. To enable this acceleration, we are focusing our entire sales and service organization on the new server and cloud products.

What this means for ATMS NG users and users of older systems:
In order to concentrate on providing a first-class cloud experience, we are ending the sale and gradually also the support of our NG and older ATMS licenses.


[Translate to English:] ATCMS NG wird von ATMS CORE abgelöst

The concrete measures in detail:


31.03.2020    ATMS NG development is discontinued - ATMS CORE is launched. No more bug fixing for Win7 based ATMS NG releases.
                     No more functional extensions for ATMS NG versions.

31.12.2020     The sale of new ATMS NG versions is discontinued. At the beginning of 2021, the possibility of re-licensing the ATMS NG version will end.

31.03.2021    Support for all Win7 based ATMS NG releases or pre-NG versions ends. All versions are specifically affected
                    including ATMS NG 2018_Q2_26. From the beginning of April we will refrain from all remote maintenance work for security reasons
                    (TeamViewer, etc.) on the relevant systems.

31.12.2021    The bug fixing for all ATMS NG versions on the market ends. New conditions for support and service of NG systems
                     ome into force.

31.12.2022    ATMS NG support is officially discontinued.