Carousel system - Toolbase AR - Tool Dispenser

With its maximum load capacity of 600 kg, the TOOLBASE Control AR-19 600 was specially developed for the provision of cutting tools.

The customizable partitions are adapted to the products to be stored and allow a high degree of storage flexibility. Supported by the CORE software and a sliding door, only the previously selected item is made available to the user. This means that tools are available for use at all times.

The TOOLBASE Control AR-19 600 is also ideal for the individual dispensing of C-items.

Automatic tool dispenser

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Technical Data

Depth: 1.025 mm
Width: 985 mm
Height: 1.980 mm
Withdrawal: Automatic control
Capacity depending on the respective configuration
Number of compartments: 200 - 1.140 product compartments, depending on the flexibly adjustable partitions
Standard: Three standard configurations for different applications are available. A subsequent conversion of the compartments is possible.

Technical changes reserved!


Optional: AR control

The front-hinged control allows ergonomic access to the touch screen. PC, touch screen, trackball keyboard and Toolbase® software ATMS CORE included.

Technical specifications

  • Software: ATMS CORE
  • Hardware: Operation via large touch screen monitor, high quality brand PC
  • Optional: Barcode reader, enter master data

Technical changes reserved!

System Advantages

  • Easy removal with LED lighting and automatic control
  • customizable compartment size
  • controlled issue of high quality items
  • Occupational health and safety articles available for use at all times

Cost savings with Toolbase

Tool consumption

Sensitized employees and a more targeted withdrawal can reduce tool consumption by up to 28%.

Storage costs

Automated reordering and transparent consumption can significantly reduce storage costs and thus capital costs.


Fewer individual orders and reduced employee costs lead to a significant cost reduction.