Toolbase ES - Ideal for bulky tool dispensing

The locker system Toolbase® ES is perfect for dispensing bulky or oversize items. In it, helmets, work clothes, etc. can be optimally deployed.

Schließfachsystem für die Werkzeugausgabe

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Locker system

Toolbase locker system for occupational safety

Perfect for work clothes

Toolbase Ausgabeautomat Schließfachsystem

Ideal for bulky or oversize items

  Toolbase locker system for occupational safety and large parts

Technical Data

Depth: 600 mm
Width: 1020 mm
Height: 1940 mm
Withdrawal: Automatic control
Number of compartments: 14 - 40, depending on the selected compartment size
Carrying capacity up to max. 15 kg with even load

Technical changes reserved!


System Advantages

  • Easy handling, optical guidance system
  • Optimal storage for bulky items such as helmets, shoes, protective clothing
  • Drawer option for electric hand tools optional
  • Individually configurable

Cost savings with Toolbase

Tool consumption

Sensitized employees and a more targeted withdrawal can reduce tool consumption by up to 28%.

Storage costs

Automated reordering and transparent consumption can significantly reduce storage costs and thus capital costs.


Fewer individual orders and reduced employee costs lead to a significant cost reduction.