Toolbase goods issue systems for safety footwear.

Toolbase, a tool, but not just for tools

When it comes to goods dispensing systems, many people primarily think of the efficient management of cutting tools. Instead of a central issuing point, which also logs the exit and entrance and takes care of the availability, there are automatic tool dispensers in the production area that distribute cutting tools to authorized persons. The feedback to the purchasing department is just as automated: depending on the supply model, additional orders are placed as required - either by the purchasing department or by the responsible tool management partner commissioned.

Supply chain managers are often unaware that these tangible advantages of providing products in production areas can also be successfully transferred 1: 1 to other product groups. With Toolbase dispensing systems, C-parts, spare parts, assembly material and in particular personal protective equipment (PPE) can be documented and made available to the user.

First of all, safety guidelines can be implemented in the area of PPE regarding glove plans - the employee only has access to the protective equipment permitted for his area. Secondly, mandatory training courses can now also be carried out using safety videos to confirm the implementation of safety instructions.

Not only small items such as goggles or gloves can be managed with the appropriate dispensing systems. The diverse Toolbase dispensing systems, tailored to many different product groups, also enable the efficient handling of larger and heavier product groups. Locker systems make possible the delivery of protective helmets, work shoes and other "unwieldy" items. Such systems are also suitable for the provision of tool and assembly cases. Integrated charging options increase the readiness of cordless screwdrivers and other electrical tools, which have to be charged regularly in order to be available at all times.

If you expand a Toolbase output system with the hand scanner functionality, even small to medium-sized bulk goods stores (connecting elements, etc.) can be efficiently managed using an existing dispending system. This allows you to also enjoy transparency in the consumables and automatic replenishment in this product area.

Existing, non-automated storage systems, such as double door cupboards, as they have been used a thousand times in production plants, can also be integrated into a Toolbase dispensing system using key management. This allows you to define administrative processes that assure secure replenishment for bulky, heavy or simply very rarely used items.

You can trust Toolbase dispensing systems when managing and dispensing your tools, C-parts, spare parts and personal protective equipment in your production! You benefit from the collected data for the rapid analysis and optimization of your processes and you save valuable time for your core business!