The brand new LEAN control unit from Toolbase.

May we introduce to you: the brand-new control and monitoring unit "LEAN".

A powerful system does not have to be complicated. We have always followed this principle and have also consistently implemented it in the latest update - with the additional focus on mobile devices. With every further development of our software, we take great care to ensure that the user only sees the data on the screen that he currently needs for his current task. Everything else is hidden. This ensures short familiarization times and minimal training effort.


The main innovations are:

- Quick and easy operation
- Ideal for personal protective equipment
- Simplified central data management for all systems

As the first product of our innovation series Toolbase presents in June the brand new control unit LEAN. Based on a Rasparry PI and a 7'' touch monitor, it represents a simple system for dispensing personal protective equipment, spare parts, etc., desired by many users. Based on a LINUX operating system, equipped with a wireless touchpad keyboard and an optional wireless router with SIM card, the LEAN comes as the first component of the new Toolbase server and cloud systems. The administration of the decentralized system is done, for example, via an external cloud system. Local data storage ensures emergency operation even if the connection is interrupted in the meantime.

In the first step, the new system will be used in our proven AR-18S and AR-18L series Rondell dispensers. These systems for the perfect dispensing of personal protective equipment items will be followed by other applications.


For more information please contact Heiko Bongard.

Heiko Bongard
Tel.: +49 2043 37895 416


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