Software Authentifizierungsmethoden (OAuth2.0)


Due to a change by Microsoft regarding the supported authentication methods (OAuth2.0), there may be problems with the automated email notifications from our systems from 01.10.2022 onwards. This affects all systems that use Microsoft Exchange Online for sending e-mails. Other Microsoft products may also be affected.

In order to solve the problem, we have developed the following solutions:

  1. Adaptation of file sending with support of OAUTH2.0 protocol, in the next version of ATMS CORE (2.1.X.). Check the website regularly for the release date. Please update the affected systems with this version to fix the problem. A new setup of the file sending is necessary on the systems. If you need help with the setup, you are welcome to book a paid support appointment with us.
  2. Are you using an older ATMS version (ATMS 3.X - 5.X or ATMS NG)? Then you have to change to the current ATMS CORE version. We would be happy to make you an offer for this.
  3. Switch to another provider (GMX, that still supports email with standard authentication.
  4. Currently, your IT department can still use the following workaround from Microsoft until September 1, 2022: