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With a Toolbase output system in your company it is like always in life: As long as everything works and service is not mandatory, maintenance is often "forgotten". Many malfunctions and repairs could be avoided by regular maintenance.


Why does a Toolbase output system need maintenance?
Our quality standard is to ensure that our products continue to meet the requirements of the process even after years of intensive use - reliably and trouble-free.
We can only achieve this through regular maintenance of your Toolbase machine. Our competent specialists detect possible weak points by checking specified points and intensive tests.

How often should a Toolbase output system be maintained?
The need for service depends on the age of the machine and its use. Regular and thorough service is recommended by experts at least every two years. Fully automatic dispensing systems (rotary, push-mechanical and fully automatic) benefit particularly from annual maintenance service and thus remain operational for many years.
Our statistics show that especially systems that have been in operation for several years are significantly less prone to malfunctions due to regular maintenance.

Best service for your Toolbase output system
Comprehensive and regular maintenance of the machines should definitely be carried out by trained professionals. Our professionals not only have the necessary know-how about the systems, but also have the necessary spare parts.

Maintenance on the vending machines include the following inspection points:

- Stress test of the machines: In order to identify and eliminate any weak points that have
  not yet been and to eliminate them.
- Lubrication of moving parts on automatic equipment types: The smooth running of the drives
  ensure high running performance.
- Checking of all compartments opening/closing, smooth running, visual inspection.
- Checking automatic backup: On at least two different drives -.
  Adjustment if necessary.
- Electrical safety test according to DGUV V3: Ensure electrical operational safety -.
  includes written protocol and test label according to DGUV.
- Elimination of possible malfunctions: Our service technicians always have the usual spare
  parts in their range with you at all times.



Stefan Schauer Produkt Manager Toolbase

Toolbase is so far the only provider that can show compulsory training videos on demos. An enormous benefit in the daily work of our customers!