Options for electrical safety precautions

Stefan Schauer,

Options for electrical safety precautions with Toolbase. The use of personal protective equipment is currently not automated in most establishments. With the PSA-V (Ordinance on Personal Protective Equipment), the regulations pertaining to employee protection and personal protective equipment have been specified and adapted to the current state of the art and knowledge of work organization.

The Toolbase dispenser system makes a valuable contribution to occupational safety and supports companies through automated processes.

Occupational safety - advantages with Toolbase:

•    In addition to tool parts, measuring and test equipment, personal protective equipment can now also be conveniently managed via dispenser systems from TCM
•    This ensures the use of the right equipment
•    Risk minimization of occupational accidents is enormous
•    It is possible to include your own instruction documents for each article
•    Every user who wants to take an article will be required to take the instructional documents
•    Several articles can be assigned to each instruction document
•    Easy operation and step-by-step instructions
•    Pdfs and popular image and video formats are supported
•    Training videos allow visual representations of the content to be conveyed
•    Accessibility
•    Once an employee has accepted a lesson, it will not be displayed again while they are logged in - guaranteeing efficient removal without wasting time


Instruction procedure in ATMS.NG


Stefan Schauer Produkt Manager Toolbase

Toolbase is so far the only provider that can show compulsory training videos on demos. An enormous benefit in the daily work of our customers!


Ein Beispiel für elektrische Sicherheitsunterweisung mit TCM

Ablauf der Unterweisung in ATMS.NG