Shop system EL-9 Professional

Der Toolbase® Control EL-9 Professional is a machine tool dispenser for small businesses or an alternative control unit for complex systems. The large drawers with flexible partitioning options allow a wide variety of uses. All drawers can be electronically locked, thus protecting against unauthorized access.

The Toolbase® ATMS CORE Basic Module is installed on a high-quality PC with a large touchscreen. Even the basic module enables permanent availability and optimal C-parts management, but can be easily extended by our modular software design if required

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Technical Data

Depth: 725 mm
Width: 717 mm
Height: 1272 mm
Capacity: 200 kg
Software: ATMS NG "basic"
Operation: large touch screen, USB keyboard and mouse
Number of drawers: 9 pieces 100-drawers (600x600x79 mm), electronically locked

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System advantages

  • intuitive, modular software
  • electronically locked drawers
  • versatile use through flexible partitioning options
  • guarantees optimal C-parts supply

Cost savings with Toolbase

Tool consumption

Sensitized employees and a more targeted withdrawal can reduce tool consumption by up to 28%.

Storage costs

Automated reordering and transparent consumption can significantly reduce storage costs and thus capital costs.


Fewer individual orders and reduced employee costs lead to a significant cost reduction.