Sliding mechanism cabinet - Toolbase AK

The specialist for the single issue is the Toolbase® AK, the ideal storage system for insensitive articles with compact dimensions. The Toolbase® AK manages up to 108 different articles. Prerequisite is a compact, stable outer packaging of the individual parts. An intelligent push mechanism conveys the selected article forward so that it falls into the padded extraction shaft.

Schubmechanikschrank für die Werkzeugausgabe

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Technical Data

Toolbase® AK-57

Depth: 725 mm
Width: 723 mm
Height: 1272 mm
Bins: 57 drawers
Storage area: 1.80 m²


Toolbase® AK-108

Depth: 972 mm
Width: 1221 mm
Height: 1840 mm
Bins: 108 drawers
Storage area: 7.95 m²

Load capacity per push: max. 10 kg

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System Advantages

  • easy handling
  • more capacity than standard spiral machines
  • The push mechanism can be individually configured for the identical packaging of the stored items.


This control for the Toolbase® AK-108 is integrated directly into the machine. Included are PC, touch screen, trackball keyboard and the Toolbase® software ATMS "basic".

Technical Data

  • Software: ATMS.NG "basic"
  • Hardware: Operation via large touch screen, high-quality name-brand PC

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Cost savings with Toolbase

Tool consumption

Sensitized employees and a more targeted withdrawal can reduce tool consumption by up to 28%.

Storage costs

Automated reordering and transparent consumption can significantly reduce storage costs and thus capital costs.


Fewer individual orders and reduced employee costs lead to a significant cost reduction.