Fully automatic shop system - Toolbase AL

The fully automatic Toolbase® AL is the optimal solution for storing similar items. It allows targeted access to individual items. Automatically retractable drawers only allow access to the number of selected trays and not to the entire drawer. The articles are released from front to back per compartment. Different drawer heights and widths can be combined individually. The stable mechanism guarantees longevity and makes it the highest quality and most robust system in the entire Toolbase® line.

Vollautomatisches Ausgabesystem für Werkzeuge - Toolbase AL Professional

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Technical Data

Number of compartments: up to 24 compartments per load
Capacity: up to 70 kg per drawer

Technical changes reserved!


System Advantages

  • package precise withdrawal and filling
  • variable drawer width
  • adaptable drawer height in 25 mm increments
  • suitable for rental tools
  • targeted access to individual articles

Cost savings with Toolbase

Tool consumption

Sensitized employees and a more targeted withdrawal can reduce tool consumption by up to 28%.

Storage costs

Automated reordering and transparent consumption can significantly reduce storage costs and thus capital costs.


Fewer individual orders and reduced employee costs lead to a significant cost reduction.